The Lauhansarvi Nature Resorti

The Nature Resort of Lauhansarvi is located next to Lauhanvuori, a national park and one of the highest places in Western Finland. The resort has become a popular place for vacationing and dining, as well as meetings. Surrounded by nature, Lauhansarvi is also perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing. Stop by for a cup of coffee, or bring a group of friends for a tasty meal!

Charming and comfortable, our holiday villas offer a high standard of accommodation. All villas have a sauna, and there is a fireplace, a TV and a VCR in the living room. Kitchens, too, are well equipped and have everything you’ll need during your stay. Our villas are located in peaceful, private spots in the wild. An abundance of beautiful hiking paths and skiing tracks start right from your backyard!
You can rent a villa for any period of time ranging from one night to several weeks. You can opt for one of our additional service packages to get your beds made or your villa cleaned, or even to have a breakfast basket delivered to your villa door. If you’d rather make your own bed and breakfast, that is also possible – just opt for the standard rate.

Restaurant Lauhansarvi
Our warm and welcoming restaurant seats up to 100 people. You can come over for a relaxing cup of coffee and a sweet piece of pie, or have a delicious meal à la carte. On Sundays, guests can opt for a savory buffet lunch. We also cater for weddings, birthdays and meetings.
Lauhansarvi is a great place for groups – a family or a team, for example – to get together and dine in a peaceful environment, surrounded by nature. In addition to the restaurant, we serve alcoholic beverages at our saunas.

Relaxation with a touch of tradition
Lauhansarvi offers you a variety of services and plenty of things to do and places to explore. We have a traditional smoke sauna and several conventional saunas, and our Peat Spa (Fysioturvehoitola) offers relaxing peat therapy in addition to a herb sauna.
The Sahti Institute (Sahtiopisto Kuurna ry) fosters the old tradition of brewing a type of beer called sahti in the Isojoki area. Bring a group for a weekend course on the preparation and history of sahti, or come for a shorter guided tour!
Our Lauhan Tahti Party Hall is perfect for weddings (up to 150 people seated at tables), concerts and dances (up to 200 people). Catering can be provided by our restaurant.

At Lauhansarvi, we offer our guests a variety of activities. In the winter, guided snowmobile trips and snowshoe walks are extremely popular. There are also numerous wonderful skiing tracks on and around the slopes of Lauhanvuori; they start right from our backyard! During the no-snow season, you can go hiking alone or in the company of a trained guide. The Lauhanvuori National Park is the perfect place to relax and leave your busy everyday life behind!
Have a real adventure in the wild – explore the landscape on a quad, or race through the winter wonderland with your snowmobile. A crackling campfire in the evening will complete your extraordinary day in nature. All of this – and more – can be arranged by our guides!